taxi services

Kuwait has various modes of transportation. Taxis are the most distinct, practical and convenient type of transportation in Kuwait, as they are easily located in several residential areas, and public places in all of the cities in Kuwait. There are taxi offices everywhere in Kuwait, and can be depended upon at any time. Majority of taxis operate 24 hours.

Call-taxis are mostly white in colour, and can be found at any hotel. They can be ordered to and from the airport as well. Few other taxis, the white and beige ones are also available, and can be hailed from streets across Kuwait. However, the fare should be negotiated before the insurance for trip, and these taxis are in plenty at every street corner, and can be easily spotted out

There are also the orange coloured taxis that drive on a specific route. They are allowed to pick up and drop people anywhere on the route. These taxis can also be shared with friends and strangers.

The other type of taxi is the one that can be accessed at hotels. They are usually summoned by a phone call. You can tell if it is a taxi by the orange number plate. Most have their company name written on one side too.

The airport operates its own taxi service, for which you will pay a premium, with additional charges for catching a taxi at night. The other company that is permitted to offer a service from the airport is City Limo.